VFE Quiz Nights, Glasgow

There's nothing trivial about trivia! 



VFE Quiz Nights are organisers and comperes of professional, entertaining and diverse quiz events. 

If you're a quizzer - or part of a team - then you'll love our events! Our weekly Glasgow quiz nights are already popular and ever-growing - but we always have room for more! Come along, it would be great to see you!

If you have a venue and are looking for a quiz host, just let us know! You can hire us for weekly, monthly, or even one-off and charity events. We are experienced quiz hosts and presenters (as well as avid quizzers) and we know what people look for in an enjoyable quiz night. We combine specialised categories with general knowledge rounds, fun "joker", "gambler" and "killer" games, and we even include brain-teasers, music and witty chat in between.

We organise it all, including graphics and promotion. All you have to do is book, sit back and relax whilst your patrons have a great night out.

We promise you won't be disappointed. Our knowledge is broad but our fees aren't! Please feel free to get in touch for details.


VFE Quiz nights, Glasgow
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