VFE Quiz Nights, Glasgow

There's nothing trivial about trivia! 

Bespoke Interactive/Video Quiz


Host your own "gameshow" with a downloadable interactive quiz!!!

* Contains a video file that can be burned to DVD or streamed on TV or multimedia devices.

Our interactive games will typically have 12 rounds, with a variety of topics. Main rounds will have at least 10 questions, and there will be at least one general knowledge round of 15 questions. Includes killer rounds, where you may lose points and/or a team member.

Videos will run approximately 1 hour,  and can be paused for intros,  banter between rounds and collection of answers. Make it last as long as you need for a fun party game or interactive pub-quiz. 

Video files may reach as much as 3GB in size! 

Please allow up to 8 days for delivery, especially if you require customised rounds! 

Examples of these games can be found on the interactive section of this site or via our youtube channel (links below)

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